We have our house!!

We took possession of our house last night!! We love it- we absolutely love it. Unfortunately, the previous owners apparently descended from pigs- because the place was FILTHY! They also left a huge pile of junk in the backyard. So we've had to get our lawyer to call them and tell them we need them to pay for junk removal. Moral of the story: people - when you move out of a house, make sure it's in the condition you'd want it to be in if you were moving IN!

So I was very happy that I'd had the forethought to book pro cleaners to come in and clean the house from top to bottom. I felt so much better once it'd been cleaned out and I knew other people's grime wasn't everywhere.

We also had the locks all rekeyed. You never know when you walk into a new house who the previous owner gave a key to their house. An old babysitter, friend down the street, the housekeeper? Our realtor was only given two sets of keys. And on top of that- the three entrances to the house all had a different key. Pain in the ass! So we had a locksmith come first thing this morning and rekey all the locks so that they matched (ONE KEY! What a novel idea!) and all to a new key.

So now that those big things are taken care of, tomorrow we need to actually move in! I'm so excited to see our stuff in it! But once it is- we need to start painting. This place is in serious need of paint. I'll post pictures later- but O. M. G. So much wreckage!

More news tomorrow!

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